How to Join the Event People Community

We’re providing those looking to build their career in the events industry the chance to develop new skills and work at the largest events in the UK.

We’re over 3,000 strong, with the Event People community all available to support the largest events taking place across the UK. We place a keen emphasis on the passion of our teams, offering many opportunities for our community to gather experience within the events industry.

Our community have often completed events management and other related degrees. Some have done so from one of our twenty-five partnered universities, from London South Bank University to Staffordshire University. We are supporting passionate, driven, and talented people looking to build and enhance their careers in the events industry, helping to create a more diverse generation of event staff, putting talented people in the right places.

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Career Pathway

We offer guidance, training and experience in the industry to our event people community.  Event People are able to meet organisers and other workers, form networks, and begin charting their course in the events industry.  Our national scope ensures that we’re always local, with jobs within a suitable travel distance.

University Partners

We are partnered with twenty-five UK universities who offer events management and other related courses. These partnerships are important components of our mission to create a sustainable and cohesive infrastructure for aspiring events workers.

Events and Roles

We have created teams to suit the needs of planners for sporting events, exhibitions, conferences, trade shows, hospitality events, promotional events, operations, and festivals. There is plenty of scope for our event people teams to experience new and exciting roles to develop skills and map their futures within the industry.

Industry Insight

From the events we’ve supported, we’ve worked with leading figures from the events industry. They have provided us and, in turn, the community with valuable insight into what it is they do, how they got to where they are, and the how to succeed in this industry.

How it works​

  1. Sign up and complete a registration profile ​
  2. Apply for a job ​
  3. We will give you a call ​
  4. Work the event, gain some great experience and get paid with our very competitive rates within 2 weeks 
How To Join2


How do I get a job at an event?

We want motivated individuals looking to work hard and add value to an event. If you are willing to learn and ambitious about building a career in events sign up with us here –

Once you sign up, one of our recruitment team will be in touch to make sure your right for the role and confirm your availability. We’ll email you when new roles become available, and you can always search our jobs board to see what opportunities there are in your area. Welcome to the events industry! 

What type of jobs are available?

The events industry is huge and, therefore, no job we supply staff for is ever the same. Sectors we provide staff for include sport, hospitality, and exhibitions and conferences. The types of roles can range from event crew to brand ambassadors to conference producers. 

What do event workers get paid?

We offer competitive hourly rates (always above minimum wage) which vary event to event and depend on your experience. We are always very upfront with our staff about how much they will get paid and ensure everyone is paid within 2 weeks of the event finishing. 

What kind of hours are typical for an event worker

Events don’t tend to be your typical 9-to-5, and usually fall on weekends. There are some early starts and late nights, but we always look after you ensuring you get regularly breaks. Each shift can be different from the last, so we always provide details of the available assignment, including the hours of work on Rosterfy or via email usually 7 days in advance of each assignment. 

Can I get casual or part time work?

All our work we provide staffing solutions for are temporary event roles. We can work with you where possible to allocate shifts to suit your life schedule.

Contact Us

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