Why Choose Us

We’re bringing together motivated individuals looking to build and enhance their careers, with event organisers who need people with energy and passion.

Our Mission

We want to build a stronger, diverse and more vibrant events industry. Our mission is to create and build the next generation of creative and strong event staff looking to build and enhance their careers in the events industry.  We believe in the legacy of the events industry and as such are deeply committed to building the best possible community of event workers.

What we Provide

  • We provide an efficient and reliable temporary event staffing solution.
  • Providing screened, trained and event staff, who are all looking to build a career in events and want to impress you

Client facing, driven and focussed on making your event a success.

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Our Community

Talented Staff

Event People provides event organisers with motivated and talented staff, driven to succeed in the events industry and help make your event a success. ​

Industry Insight

We work with leaders in the events industry, getting their insight into how they got where they are, what it is they do, and how to become a success.

Cost Effective

Our workforce is highly flexible enabling event organisers to tailor their requirements to their event-specific needs.

Training Academy

Our team interview and train all staff so they can support event organisers in all aspects of event planning & delivery, including client-facing roles.

Top Uni Partnerships

We have partnered with the UK’s top universities enabling us to provide event organisers with hungry-to-achieve and a skilled temporary workforce. 

National Pool

We’re building one of the fastest growing communities of event staff in the UK with our 3,000 strong team spread across the Country.

Event Types

From COVID-19 Testing Sites for lorry drivers coming in from France to a team facilitating virtual meetings between delegates that couldn’t attend COP26, our community has been trained to perform and has experience fulfilling roles at a variety of event types.

Festivals and Outdoor Events

With festivals back, no matter what the weather throws at us and how deep the mud gets, our team have a passion for events and delivering to a high standard.

Sports and Mass Participation

Our team are specialists in delivering events for some of the world’s largest sporting events, including Formula 1, London Marathon, and the Olympics. We know what it takes to deliver a successful sporting event, with motivated and talented staff being the key.

Exhibitions, Conferences, and Trade Shows

We have professional, approachable, and friendly staff that can help elevate exhibitions, conferences, and trade shows.


Energetic, fun, and engaging staff help raise the profile of a promotion. With our team, who have worked with the likes of Nike and Adidas, we know what it takes to deliver results for the world’s largest brands.


Our team of well-trained staff provide the highest standard of customer service fit for every occasion, whether it’s weekly Premier League games or charity fundraisers.

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For quotes and general queries about our temporary hospitality staff, contact us today.