Bringing passionate people & great events together. 

COVID has hit our industry hard. Events cancelled, suppliers out of business, jobs lost, and experienced and talented people forced to leave our industry.

For event management students and grads, the path to a career has never been more challenging.

As the recovery begins, we are bringing together students in need of  hands on event experience and events organisers who need people with the energy, passion and drive  to be part of building a stronger, different and more vibrant events industry.




Event People will create the UK’s largest community of students and recent grads from event management and related courses.  All available to support event organisers and take a step closer to a career in events.


As part of the community you will get access to insight, learnings and expertise from established voices in the industry, support and networking opportunities, and a pathway to a full-time career in events through paid and volunteer opportunities at events.



We will provide an efficient and reliable temporary event staffing solution.

Providing screened, trained and rated volunteer and paid event staff, who are all looking to build a career in events and want to impress you.


We’re speaking to leading industry figures, asking the key questions students and grads want to know, from how to build a successful career in the industry to opportunities and tips for getting that first break.

What's NEXT

We’re asking everyone who has an interest in developing the next generation of event managers to join us and offer their support. 

If you’re already established in the industry, and are willing to share some of your expertise and experience with our community or you’re an event organiser and there is an opportunity to offer work at your events to students and grads get in touch. 

And if you’re student and grad looking for your first break in the event industry sign up to our portal below to find out about our latest opportunities.